Healthcare Solutions Inc. Announces Key Executive Appointments

NEW YORKApril 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare Solutions announced today that Travis Revelle has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer for Healthcare Solutions Holdings, Inc., “HSI.” Mr. Revelle’s career has spanned a large segment of the healthcare services industry, with a focus on sales and distribution for new and innovative diagnostic products. Under Mr. Revelle’s leadership and in coordination with the HSI platform, we believe that the company is uniquely positioned to capitalize in today’s healthcare market – by assisting physicians to deliver superior patient outcomes and cost savings through the integration of the latest medical technologies directly into their practices.

HSI’s board of directors has also appointed Jonathan Globerman as Chief Operating Officer. Jonathan has a strong belief that HSI can solve problems and improve efficiencies for its customers through the integration of new technology. Jonathan states, “I commonly hear from our provider customers that they had difficulty getting the combination of service level, science and benefit utilization for their patients from the ancillary service providers that they had access to. HSI combats this challenge by providing a ‘service first’ offering which allows our physician customers to have single points of service contact across multiple ancillary product lines. This creates efficiencies within the office, resulting in better access to best-in-class products for providers.”

HSI is a service business with core strengths in the following areas:


HSI has recently expanded the company’s laboratory test offerings to include laboratories specializing in Toxicology, Clinical Blood Wellness, Pharmacogenetics, Infectious Diseases, Cancer Genetics and more. We believe that our advanced technology contribution creates the most efficient ordering, results in the process, and also allows for efficient integrations with our customers EHR/EMR systems.

Durable Medical Equipment

HSI’s DME offering is a customizable and full-service program that can accommodate a broad range of customers including stock and bill programs or full-service fulfillment from prescriptions received through the billing of claims. This allows us to provide our customers with a customizable and proprietary level of service that is required in an ever-demanding market place.

Specialty Pharmacy

HSI’s specialty pharmacy offering creates a patient-focused experience that is unparalleled from today’s “big box” providers. Delivering medications directly to the patient’s home, along with exceptional contract coverage and a service team that is available to patients and focused on their needs this, creates the mom and pop atmosphere with corporate level execution.

HSI has strong underpinnings:

HSI’s Core Pillars 

The underlying core pillars of HSI are customer service, technology, and finance.

Customer Service: Physicians will be given one point of contact across multiple service offerings, creating efficiencies and conveniences at the customer level.  Our service will allow them to focus on what’s most important, which is their patients.

Technology: HSI delivers state of the art technology and modern systems. This enables our physician customers to spend more time treating patients to render the best outcome possible.

Finance: HSI has assets in excess of $80 million dollars, provided from a sizeable international capital markets consortium. These assets are critical in HSI’s roll-up strategy and compliance application. Our strategic utilization of these assets will help us capitalize on opportunities to provide outstanding services for our customers and outcomes for our shareholders.


At HSI, we will work as a technology aggregator with the world’s leading innovators, developers, and inventors. Our growth strategy includes utilizing our equity to roll up these advanced technologies. We have initiated early conversations with companies and products that can be profoundly impactful in the global healthcare community.


We have focused on utilizing our financial capacity to build our internal infrastructure and customer base. This has equated to our team onboarding 84 new accounts since the start of the year and the subsequent transition into the revenue cycle on many of them. With our customer footprint expanding, HSI has been aggressively recruiting and expanding its operations and support team.

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